1" =    approx 150-175 sq. ft./ton
1.5" = approx 100 sq. ft./ton
2" =    approx 90 sq. ft./ton

Color Name:


Colors; Yellowish White,

Yellowish Tan with Yellow Swirls

Color Name:


Colors; Pinkish

White, White

Thickness and overall weight come into play when averaging coverage of any given material, even with flagstone.

If you know your projects' square footage, the measurements to the right will give you an idea of how much you need.

So, what color do you prefer?

Our Flagstone is first palletized according to thickness as is listed here;:

1" minus, 1/2"  to 1 1/2", and 1 1/2" to 2 1/4".

We also rate flagstone as to the overall size, and that is categorized by the following ;

     Whether its "Ashlars," "Trim Stones," "Strip Stones," "Jumpers" or "Ledge Stones" you know them by, we have them in varying colors, lengths, and thicknesses.

Also note; Our Dark Chocolate flagstone is not edible, and should not to be confused with "milk chocolate," or "dark chocolate," in an edible sense, yet it is in fact "Rich Chocolate," since it is not inexpensive. Our Chocolate flagstone will not melt in your hands nor in your mouth, nor will it melt if it's built near a fire, or, if it is installed out in the summer sun. Our flagstone is not recommended for human consumption, is not mixed or created from a recipe, and, cannot be duplicated. We do in fact own the kitchen that produces the Chocolate (flagstone), so if you are a Chocolate Aficionado, call us to find the right size, length and thickness that suits your custom building needs.

Color Name:


Colors; Pink, Reddish Pink, Rose, Fuscia, Blush, Coral

Color Name:

Hilltop Horner

Colors; Buff, Tan, Mists of Rust, Fawn with speckles of black in 20%

Color Name:


Colors; Deep Red, Immense Yellow, Copper, Dark Orange, Iron Red

Color Name: Chocolate

Colors; Dark Brown, Dark Purple and (Light Green, occurs 5%)

Color Name:


Colors; Grand Canyon Ruby, Crimson, Chartreuse Red, Burgandy

Our Products

     "Premium" sized flagstone are pieces that are much larger, and could range anywhere from 1.5 feet wide - to up to 3 feet wide, and by as much as 6 feet long.

100% of our products are made in the USA

Color Name:


Colors; Light Silver and Gray, Grayish Blue, Dark Iron Gold,

Yellow Gold

We have a wide array of colors.  Please Note: Since flagstone is naturally occurring and removed from within the ground, you may find these colors vary from pallet to pallet, or within the same pallet of stone. The best way to see if it matches your decor or your exterior is to see the rock in person.

   "Patio," which are flagstone pieces easily handled, and can be pieced together, to make a patio.